The Best Dragon Ball Game on Android Devices

The Best Dragon Ball Game on Android Devices

Nostalgia and reminiscing about childhood don’t just play old school games. You remember the Dragon Ball anime? Yes, it’s not true that it’s one of the favorite anime of 90s kids in Indonesia. This anime pretty much inspires kids with the Kamehameha style. Not only children, even Android game developers also get the inspiration to create and develop Dragon Ball games.

Of course the essence of this game is available in animated graphics featuring the characters available in the Dragon Ball anime. So, if you are interested in playing Dragon Ball anime themed games, then this time the site will summarize it for you in the most exciting and challenging Dragon Ball game for Android phones.


Fighting against enemies and using the mainstay moves available in the Dragon Ball anime can certainly be played by you. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE, a game that is exciting, fun, challenging and also tense. Because this game takes over the action concept where you, the DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE players, will fight and duel your capabilities with your opponent. You can choose the character that you will use, starting from Goku to other Dragon Ball characters.


One of the best games chosen by the editor with this Dragon Ball theme you also need to play. The reason is, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is made based on a story originating from Akira Toriyama. In this game, all players need to do is fight with enemies. When fighting, you can use various skills with powerful combos.

Apart from the exciting concept of playing, in fact DRAGON BALL LEGENDS also has a simple interface and gameplay. So, new DRAGON BALL LEGENDS players won’t be confused by playing this game. If you are interested in playing it, please click this link to download the game.

3. The Final Power Level Warrior (RPG)

This Dragon Ball game has a leveling concept like an RPG, where players can train dragons and increase their respective levels and strengths. Apart from that, The Final Power Level Warrior (RPG) also offers various kinds of abilities and transformations that are really powerful. So, to become the strongest player in The Final Power Level Warrior (RPG),

4. Stick Warriors: Shadow Fighter

Want to play a dragon ball themed game that is fun and challenging? If so, you need to try the game Stick Warriors: Shadow Fighter. As the name implies, here you will act as stick warriors with Dragon Ball characters. Well, the characters available in this game also have many variations. Noted, Stick Warriors: Shadow Fighter has more than 20 characters that you can play as a warrior.