List of benefits from manicure for nail health

List of benefits from manicure for nail health

Manicure is a series of hand nail treatments that have the aim to clean the nails and skin around it. Manicure Pedicure not only beautifying nails, but counted useful for health. Beauty treatments are not limited to skin care, but rather counted nail care, like manicure and pedicure (Meni Pedi). Manicure is a series of hand nail treatments that have the aim to clean the nails and skin around it.

Manicure Pedicure is a series of inseparable nail treatment. Basically, the difference in manicure pedicure lies in the place and style of nail care done by beauty therapists in the salon. Manicure is a handling of hand nails. Meanwhile, pedicure is the treatment of toe to the toes. In addition to cleaning dust and stains, dead skin cells in the nails and finger skin are raised to be smooth and free of wrinkles that you can realize by coming to the site

Benefits of Manicure Pedicure

In addition to beautifying the appearance of the nails, manicure pedicure counted can be done for health reasons. At least, there are several benefits of manicure pedicure for the freshness of your nails, namely:

1. Preventing Nail Damage

One of the benefits of manicure pedicure is to prevent nail damage. This is because of the temporary manicure process, you will use a moisturizer that is useful to prevent dry and cracked nails. Not only that, the process of tidying the nails while the manicure pedicure is able to prevent damage to the finger nails and toes caused by torn cuticles. The condition of the nails that pierce into the skin (cantengan) due to the steps in cutting nails that are not right to lead to counted infections can be avoided.

2. Loss of blood circulation

Other benefits of manicure are blood circulation. The effects of relax and sores due to the process of massage fingers and palms that are done are able to launch blood and relieve the pain that you might feel due to daily activities.

3. Prevent the growth of nail fungus

Nail mushrooms often come out without you knowing, but professional nail therapists are able to recognize the symptoms if you do routine manicure pedicure. Nail fungus is generally marked with a layer of thickened nails, brown, and causes the nails to crack, or even break.

4. Prevent calluses

Benefits of pedicure or toenail pedicure turned out to be able to prevent calluses. When you take advantage of shoes or sandals, the skin will be exposed to repeated friction that is able to cause calluses to the wounds in the foot. Pedicure is able to help prevent and dispel the subsequent calluses together to increase moisture to the feet.

5. Healthy joints

When doing pedicure, you will get a session soaking your feet in warm water and foot massage. This step is not only useful to relax stiff muscles, but counted can reduce stress on the joint site.