Let Go Of Homesickness Through The Offerings

Let Go Of Homesickness Through The Offerings Of Barbecue Restaurants

Missing my hometown but finding it hard to find time to go home, there’s nothing wrong with giving it out with food. Wherever you come from, try to find its special food at the barbecue restaurant, Hotel Luminore, Pecenongan, Central Jakarta. From Javanese, Sumatran, Kalimantan, to Sulawesi cuisine, you can be satisfied to relieve homesickness.

Not just Indonesian cuisine, barbecue restaurants actually offer regional food that is increasingly difficult to find.

«We are bringing back foods that are almost extinct here. For example kedondong rib soup, it’s very rare. Usually soup uses tomatoes, if we use kedondong. Then there are also empal pucung, that’s Betawi. But for us, kluwak or pucung are not the ones that old, but young,» said Executive Chef Resto barbecue restaurant https://www.barbecuerestaurantsummerville.com/ when met by more than one time ago.

Lunchtime is the perfect time to come there, especially Tuesday through Friday. Because at that time all the food served would be themed in one region.

Every day, there will definitely be a theme of cuisine from a different region. Of course, you can let go of homesickness and eat until you are full for only IDR 95,000 with a choice of up to 99 menus.

«For example, in Kalimantan, there is scorched earth chicken, soto banjar. Instead of going all the way to Kalimantan, it’s better to come here,» said Dedi.

Not only food, the drinks on offer are no less interesting. Some time ago,  had the opportunity to try one of the mainstay drinks there, namely wedang ginger.

Erratic weather coupled with the issue of the spread of the virus, ginger drink seems suitable to be used as a guard so that the body is always in good shape. The warmth given by ginger seriously soothes the throat until it feels in the stomach.

The taste is just right and not too sweet to eat with traditional snacks such as kue lumpur, kue lapis, kue cucur, or even pancong which is also served at barbecue restaurants.

You don’t have to worry about losing variety, you can also enjoy Japanese and Chinese food, including various seafood.

«We are actually introducing Indonesian archipelago, but we also provide western, Japanese, Chinese. A real mix,» said Food and Beverages Supervisor of the barbecue restaurant Aris Munandar to.

Don’t forget to invite your family, friends, and colleagues to reminisce about your hometown together. With a capacity that can accommodate up to 200 people, it is considered very suitable for social gatherings, reunions, especially birthday parties.