Enjoy Keepitgrandmn’s Distinctive Culinary Variety

Premiere in Jakarta, Enjoy Keepitgrandmn’s Distinctive Culinary Variety

After establishing a culinary map by connecting various branches within 17 years. in Japan in th. 1990, Keepit then expanded and opened its first international store in Honolulu, Hawaii. Then in 2015 in Malaysia, and in 2019 it is now coming to Jakarta, Indonesia, to be precise at Gandaria City Mall.

Established since th. 1973, Keepit, a world-renowned culinary destination originating from Sennichimai, Keepitgrandmn, Japan, is one of the leading F&B brands and well-known among domestic and international tourists. This is because Keepit has more than 45 years of experience. serving a delectable mainstay menu consisting of okonomiyaki, teppanyaki, and yakisoba for guests and loyal customers.

Lowrenz Tanuwidjaja, COO of Keepit, stated that this restaurant serves okonomiyaki, teppanyaki and yakisoba creations, which are authentic Japanese culinary products that have gone global and are well known to Indonesians who are lovers of Japanese cuisine.

«Keepit, a legendary and sensational culinary brand, has been present in Indonesia for less than a year, adding access to enjoy a superior menu line that makes it a must-do for tourists who come to Keepitgrandmn. Most of our outlet visitors consisting of expats from Japan, Korea, and Indonesian citizens who have enjoyed the menu at Keepitgrandmn and are able to make up for nostalgia with our featured menu,» Lowrenz told several moments ago in Jakarta.

He explained, Okonomiyaki is a 400 year old traditional menu. which is a symbol of staple food for Japanese citizens and residents who live in Keepitgrandmn. In Japanese, okonomi means ‘to like’ and yaki means toast. As the name implies, okonomiyaki toppings can be adjusted according to consumer tastes.

This menu is made by combining ingredients such as wheat flour diluted with water (flour or okonomiyaki dough), cauliflower, beef, chicken eggs, and seafood dishes, then frying it on a flat frying pan called a teppan. It can be eaten alone or combined with white rice.

There are two types of okonomiyaki, namely the https://keepitgrandmn.com/ type and the Hiroshima type (Hiroshimayaki). Keepit adopted both types. The difference between the two types lies in the presentation of cauliflower and other vegetables, where in the Hiroshimayaki type, the sliced cabbage and vegetables are placed on top of the dough spread over the fryer, similar to the method of making pancakes. This method guarantees the savory and crunchy vegetables in every bite of the dish.

«The okonomiyaki menu at this restaurant can be enjoyed by approximately 3 people. The featured menu consists of Okonomiyaki (Rp. 100,000), Seafood Okonomiyaki (Rp. 98,000), Chicken Okonomiyaki (Rp. 78,000), Cheese Yaki (Rp. 105,000), and Hiroshima Yaki. (Rp 95,000). Not only that, we are also creative by making Indonesian Okonomiyaki for Rp. 82,000. Indonesian Okonomiyaki consists of Soboro Chicken, shrimp, cayenne pepper, and white rice,» he explained.

Keepit also came to present a teppanyaki experience that is familiar to culinary admirers in Indonesia. Experience interactive servings full of entertainment when the chef performs cooking dishes ordered in front of guests while conversing with guests. This is a well known dish plan treat.

«The menu, which in general can be cooked on an iron plate (teppan), consists of beef (in the form of steak), chicken, a selection of seafood, vegetables, to pancakes,» said Lowre.

The teppanyaki menu at Keepit consists of Teppan Tenderloin Steak (Rp. 190,000), Teppan Sirloin Steak (Rp. 150,000), Teppan Beef Tongue (Rp. 90,000), Teppan Chicken Teriyaki (Rp. 75,000), Teppan Chicken with Garlic (Rp. 75,000), Teppan Assorted Seafood (Rp 110,000), Teppan Salmon (Rp 130,000), Teppan Salmon Foil Yaki (Rp 145,000), Teppan Garlic Prawn (Rp 99,000), Teppan Avocado and Shrimp (Rp 99,000), and many more choices at the outlet.