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His main focus toward health is to remove interferences such as postural and nutritional imbalances that impede your body from healing itself. His practice focus is on hormonal and digestive issues working with cases such as irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue. He is also trained as a molecular & cell biologist and integrates that into his practice. After graduating from Chiropractic school he opened his own practice and was able to build a thriving, referral based practice. Even in adults and children ages 6 and above who have fifteen or more amalgam surfaces, mercury exposure due to dental amalgam fillings has been found to be far below the lowest levels associated with harm. Clinical studies in adults and children ages 6 and above have also found no link between dental amalgam fillings and health problems. FDA has reviewed the best available scientific evidence to determine whether the low levels of mercury vapor associated with dental amalgam fillings are a cause for concern. There is also a park in this area where you can leisurely walk along the paved public way passing the 520-feet Skylon Tower that has an observation deck to get the best views of the whole Niagara region of Can

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Well…what they’re getting at here is an acute exposure to high levels of mercury. Too much water or even air at an acute exposure can cause adverse health effects. The FDA states: «While elemental mercury has been associated with adverse health effects at high exposures, the levels released by dental amalgam fillings are not high enough to cause harm in patients.» This statement is comparing apples to oranges. Again, comparing apples to oranges. Charlie Brown, a lawyer for Consumers for Dental Choice, said poorer people or those who receive their health care through large institutions such as the U.S. The FDA came out with a report this past Tuesday stating that dental amalgams are safe to be in human bodies. Susan Runner (acting director for the FDA division that oversees dental devices) states: «The best available scientific evidence supports the conclusion that patients with dental amalgam fillings are not at risk,» she told reporters on a conference call. There was even a lawsuit in 2006 where Moms Against Mercury sued the FDA wanting them to remove mercury from the US market. Much controversy has erupted over the issue of mercury in our environment and it’s alleged harmful effects upon our bodies