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Maiju is the three-wheeled show in 2002, which is effective for three years. After three years, he has been to the lion, the raid, the dolphins (Safe Season), the Black Leopard, Hartford Colonial (United Rugby Union United Football League) Team), 49 people (racing only season), bear, pirate, brown and jet.

On the court, Hill has proven to be the top-level misplacement weapon of the league, and he has the ability to receive Changchun in a small ball window. The perfect Suitable for the chief offensive system has more than 1100 yards for two consecutive seasons, and he acquired 18 times last season. Since the entry alliance in 2016, Hill has completed 44 at least 25 yards of catching, ranking first. He also completed 4 cases of 4 times to go back to the Raida array and 1 time.

Talking about the prospect of this game, Shelman said: «I hope they can pass the ball to my defense area, I want to help the team. I am looking forward to the challenge from the opponent, which will make me more happy.»

«I really show them to them, I have been raising my performance, progress on the basis,» Woods said. «When I came to the team, my body was strong, my muscle Peugeot, and the speed was so fast and of course prepared.»

Shelman described in detail the feelings after the game: «As the coach said, I did feel that I didn’t do anything. I am like being removed, there is no contribution. People always say: & lsquo; , Buddy, no one dares to pass on the area defensive, this is cool. & Rsquo; actually, as a player, I want to help the team. «

Nick Falls will start the next weekUS Time Monday, the old Hawk, Doug Pederson, told the reporter, four-point 卫 Nik-Wolls (Nick foles) will start the sixteenth week, while Carson Wentz Will continue to take back the back injury.

The reason is that in the contract terms of Wilfork, there is a activation provision worth 1.25 million bonuses, Wilford is to play in the patriot of more than 70% of the defensive files and participate in the semi-finals. Although the Patriot has already got a leader name to ensure the qualifications of the semi-finals, Wilfuke is currently playing 764 files (74.1%) in the patriots 1031 defensive, if the last game is not playing If it is very likely to fall below 70%, the activation terms will not be reached.

At present, Woods’ contract has 2 years, this year’s basic salary reaches $ 5 million (and $ 2 million bonuses), Donne Single says next year’s salaries reached $ 9 million. The ram may not tend to reorganize the contract. They also have to renew the Jalen Ramsey, and have suffered a large contract of Aaron Donald and Jared Goff. In addition, they also undertake $ 36 million of redundant salary.

After 4 years of effectiveness for Buffalo, Woods signed a 5 year of $ 34 million in 2017. His performance is far exceeding the value of the contract. His average annual salary ranked 37th in the league external hand.

Although the Hawks finally 36-16 overcome the packwork, Sherman still feels very lost after the game. Shelman said that Pete Carroll proposed some suggestions: «He told me that there is no need to lose it for this time. This is not the first time, nor the last time. He told me, I Just continue to complete your own work, the team is very grateful to my performance. The coach also said that this does not mean that I didn’t help the team. «

If Wilfolk will lose millions of dollarsThe Patriot team has locked the first place in advance, which is likely to arrange some of the main turn in the last round of the Bill’s game, but the reasons why Millever Wilfolk must play this game.

Robert Robert — Woods: I hope to get a big contract from the teamRobert Woods, Robert Woods, has been playing a performance of the contract value, and he has broken the number in two consecutive seasons.

The average annual salary of 18 million US dollars made Hill to take over the union salary of the League Salakham Jr., secondly to the new Orleans, Saint-Entrance to Michael-Thomas (Michael Thomas) (19.25 million US dollars).

Shelman is looking forward to challenges from packaging workersIn the first week of this season, the Seattle Hawks and Green Bay packaging workers, Alon Rodgers did not pass any of the regions defensive in Richard Sherman. try. After the season, the reporter asked Shelman, and it was very lost. Shelman said: «If the loss is divided into 10 levels, I am now at 12th.»